The site is updated often, most of which are enhancements to the database content which produce more timeline detail. This page provides information about significant changes and events with regard to the site aside from database updates. The most recent event is always first in the following list.

Site HTML pages rebuilt to HTML-4.01-strict standards using my documentation generation system, wtfm.

ourtimelines.com passes the 5,000,000 pages served mark.

Timeline generator completely re-written in Python (if you find any bugs, let me know, please.)

Site is moved (again) to newer, faster dedicated servers.

Site CGI changed to accept both ourtimelines.com and www.ourtimelines.com based URLs.

ourtimelines.com passes the 1,000,000 pages served mark.

ourtimelines.com recognized by Julie's Genealogy.

ourtimelines.com has been moved from ICOM, an absolutely terrible quality bulk-hosting provider, to a dedicated server on the premises of one of our major sponsors. We now have complete control of the server, and I'm sure we'll be down a lot less as a direct result. We're pleased not to be subject to ICOM's lackadaisical customer service any longer.

New Feature Activated: Printable Peers List feature has been activated.

ourtimelines.com passes the 100,000 pages served mark in its first month of operations.

Printable Timelines have had the links removed, because for printing, these are not relevant and draw the eye pointlessly.

ourtimelines.com recognized "Family History Favorite Award" by ancestry.com:

New Feature Activated: Birthday! feature is now public and operating. This function uses the Peers database, and will be extended as suggestions are made.

ourtimelines.com recognized "Spotlighted Site for the Week" by EduHound.com:

New Feature Activated: Peers and Contemporaries feature is now public and operating. The P&C database has well over two thousand individuals at this point, and will be extended as suggestions are made.

Bug in personal event entry processing was preventing the tenth custom event from ever being placed in a timeline. This problem has now been located and corrected; all ten custom events work properly now.

Updates (this) page added.

New Feature Activated: Timelines now have Leadership (violet) category of event for both custom and built-in event types.

English and British rulers now included from 1000 AD to the present.

ourtimelines.com recognized "Site of the Day" by Family Tree Magazine:

Site hits 25,000 page deliveries in first seven days. I mentioned it on some genealogy sites and lists.

New Feature Activated: Timeline events may now link to a custom web page that contains further details on that event. Site visitors are cordially invited to contribute to these pages.

Site first goes online.

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