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§ 16.94.9 - Smoke Particle System Example

Particle Definition

100 very large particles are set up with a 1.0 time advance so they exists all over the system lifespan. The system starts at the bottom of the image (via the Y displacement of 1.0) and the age wraps so that when particles end, they restart immediately.
Force 1

This provides a constant upwards force with turbulent displacement - smoke doesn't usually rise in a straight column. This force is applied for the entire system lifetime.
Force 2

This force causes the column to expand as it rises, and also to fade from somewhat transparent to quite transparent (.65 to .15) over the lifetime of the system.

The colors here just get slightly lighter as the particles reach the end of the system (the top of the image, in this case.) That simulates how smoke that is more widely dispersed reflects more light.
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