§ 9 - Acknowledgments

WinImages R7 began development in 1992, and continued as a commercial product until 2007. During that time, a number of people were closely involved with the product and the documentation. The following individuals all contributed in a major fashion both inside and outside Black Belt Systems:

Hal ChamberlainResearch, Coding
Barry ChalmersConcept, Research, Design, Coding, Support, Documentation, Artwork, Photography
Carmen DraperArtwork, Testing
Brian GarritanoDesign, Testing, Support
Deborah GregoryDesign, Testing, Support
Justin GregoryDesign, Testing, Coding, Documentation, Artwork
Alan ForbesSales, Documentation
John Foust Research
Dr. Tom LaneResearch, Testing
David PattersonDocumentation, Coding, Support, Testing
Lynelle PattersonArtwork, Testing, Secretarial
Pete PattersonResearch, Coding, Testing
Kimberly PilgeramDocumentation, Support, Testing
Anthony SplendoraResearch
Ben WilliamsManagement, Concept, Research, Design, Coding, Support, Documentation, Artwork, Photography
LeAnne WylieDocumentation, Testing

The following groups and individuals working outside Black Belt Systems have also contributed to the product:

The Independent JPEG GroupDesign and sample code for the JPEG load and save capabilities
The PNG Working GroupDesign and sample code for the PNG load and save capabilities
Gerard Juyn's libMNGLibrary code for the MNG save capabilities
The Twain Working GroupDesign and sample code for the Twain device support
Jean-loup Gailly & Mark AdlerDesign and sample code for the ZLIB compression library, used in PNG

We would also like to thank the following people, all of whom have contributed to the WinImages product and its amazing success in various supporting roles:

Samantha Brown, Erin Farrell, Christopher Genly, Brian Gregory, Michael Gregory, Fried Kampes, Virginia Kidd, Norman Lien, Rene' Morth, Stacey Poon, Toni Salvesson, Robert Stormer, Diana Todd, Greg Tsalidas, Vicki Walters, Dr. Anne M. Williams, Richard Williams, Jeanine Yutani, Carol Zeiger.

In addition, we wish to thank the thousands of customers and many reviewers who have let us know about issues that needed improvement and/or enhancement throughout the documentation and software.

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