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§ 17.6.1 - Timeline Area Selection Dialog - Overview

The main area selection dialog allows you to alter any area selections that have been placed into the time line. Each area selection that is placed will represent an area selection Key Frame. Once an area is placed in the time line, you can access this dialog by double clicking on the area selection icon. Doing this will open the dialog you see below.

This dialog allows you to alter the type of area selection and interpolation. You can select to use an existing area selection, or make the area selection at that time using Make the area selection now. There is also a more advanced control dialog for area selections which is accessed through the Show Details dialog. That dialog and its controls are documented after the main area selection dialog controls. It is important to note that you can automatically load the action image for a key frame, and specify an area selection for that key frame by Ctrl+Clicking on an area selection key frame icon. If there is no area icon for the current key frame, one can be created by using the same method.

Main Area Selection Dialog

Advanced Area Selection Dialog
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