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§ 16.113 - Invert Alpha

Quick Reference to Scripting Command
Items in CAPS are 0/1 or ranges with more options than just 0/1.
Ranges other than 0/1 are indicated by brackets, such as [0-2].

Stacey with Alpha Mask

Alpha mask


The Invert Alpha operation will take the images current alpha channel and invert the grayscale values. This can be used to swap the transparent and opaque regions in a black and white only alpha channel, or to create an alpha channel negative in a gray scale alpha channel. This operation has no controls, so the inverse is carried out immediately after the area selection is made. The inverse can be applied using any of the area selection methods, but is most effective for use on the entire image. The images above show an original alpha channel and its inverted counterpart, as well as the original image with the normal alpha applied.

You may find it easier to work with this, and all other alpha channel tools, with an alpha view open. These views can be opened by selecting the Display Alpha option in the Open Another View dialog accessed via the View menu.

Operator Dialog

§ 16.113.1 - Invert Alpha Controls


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