§ 20 - Display Quality

There are several factors that affect Display quality:

  • Display Type.

    A 24-bit display represents the image exactly. 256 color displays show fewer colors and therefore show the actual image less accurately. You should select a display option that matches your hardware configuration.

  • Display Resolution.

    F/x takes advantage of high resolution displays by allowing you to scale windows to any size.

  • Image Resolution.

    Image resolution is the physical size of the image in pixels. It is important to remember that a low resolution image is still low resolution, even in a high resolution display. Remember, the quality of the image that you start with greatly effects the resultant output image.

  • Image Quality.

    A low color image (256 colors or less) can never be restored to full color. A true full color image are 24 bit and have up to 16.8 million colors. It is always important to remember that a good quality starting image will produce a higher quality output.

    It is important to note that even though your display hardware may not be capable of 24-bit display, F/x holds and processes images as full color 24-bit at all times.

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