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§ 15.12 - Polyarc

The Polyarc area selection tool allows you to develop figures similar to polygons, but uses arcs as the sides of the figure, rather than line segments.

The polyarc is created by first selecting a starting point for the arc with the left mouse button. Next, select the end of the arc using the left mouse button. Now, alter the arc by pressing and holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse. The apex of the arc can be placed by releasing the left mouse button.

These steps are used for all other sides except the final side. The final side uses the right mouse button to close the shape and set the apex of the arc.

The polyarc can be moved at any time by pressing both the left and right mouse buttons together. It is important to remember that the start of each new arc segment except the first arc segment will be the end of the previous arc segment.

See Also: Area Tools

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