§ 31 - Specifications

itemSpecifics, Ranges and Limits
# of images at one timeInternally unlimited, based on OS-supplied Window Handles and memory
Views per image or layerInternally unlimited, based on OS-supplied Window Handles and memory
Image Spatial Resolution2 billion pixels (per axis)
Image RGB Resolution24-bits, 8-bits each of R, G and B
Image Alpha Resolution8-bits
Number of pixels per imageLimited by ram
# of add-on "importers"Limited only by ram
# of add-on plug-in effects and format exportersLimited by available menu real-estate for menu loading, unlimited with regard to selecting plug-ins by name using a file dialog.
# of loadable scriptsLimited by available disk space (essentially unlimited)
# scripting commands329
Colors per pixel2 to the 24th power
# of layers per layered imageLimited by OS supplied window handles (generally thousands)
# of pixel transfer modes
(AKA "Pixel Blending Modes")
Thirty four
# of layer modes
(AKA "Layer Blending Modes")
Seventy three
Recommended minimum processorPentium or compatible
Individually maintained paths
  • Plugins
  • Importers
  • Help Location
  • Most Recent Image Load Paths (9)
  • Most Recent Image Save Paths (9)
  • Path for DEM files
  • Script Path
  • Transition Path
  • Raw Triangle Conversion Path
  • W3D Raytrace File Path
  • Scene path for Ray Tracer
  • Path for FLM format filmstrips
  • Path for AVI format filmstrips
  • Path for GIF format filmstrips
  • Path for MNG format filmstrips
  • Path for FLC format filmstrips
  • Path for Projects
  • Path for Sequence Output from Timeline
  • Particle System Path
  • Particle System Palette Path
  • Operator Settings Path
  • Palette Use Path
  • Convolution Path
  • Area Selection Save Path
  • Project Save Path
  • Colorspace Path
# of saveable image file types22 (Plus additional types via plug-ins and CODECS)
# of automatically loadable image file types340 (Plus additional types via plug-ins and CODECS)
# of operator groups15
# of general operators R7:148, plus plug-in effects
# of timeline levelsLimited by OS memory space
# of timeline stepsLimited by OS memory space
ImplementationMicrosoft Visual C version 5, for Windows 95 API and higher
Predecessor applicationsImagemaster R/t (an Amiga® product)
Initial Release:
  • Amiga: February 1st, 1991
  • Windows: February 5th, 1992
Working MethodsTwo: Immediate painting and pre-selection
View MagnificationArbitrary level and clipping rectangle
Basic Memory FootprintApproximately four megabytes
Basic Disk Storage FootprintApproximately 100 megabytes
System Registry UsageNone (.ini file based configuration)
Display type compatibility
  • RGB 32-bit (recommended)
  • RGB 24-bit (recommended)
  • RGB 16-bit
  • 256 color
  • 256 grey level
  • 64 grey level
  • 16 color
  • 16 grey level
  • Bi-level B&W
Native File Formats
  • ASF (area selection files)
  • CNV (convolution specifications)
  • CSP (printer color separation settings)
  • ELF (extended layer files, 32-bit RGBA, various layer modes)
  • ISH (I-Shape area selections)
  • PAL (palette files)
  • PLU (palette use criteria)
  • PRJ (project files)
  • TRM (32-bit RGBA images)
  • TTF (Transition specifications)
  • W3D (Ray trace scenes)
  • WIP (plug-in effects and file importers)
  • WIS (User operation scripts)
  • Thumbnail Format JFIF/JPEG
# of thumbnailsLimited only by host filesystem

Most specifications depend, to some degree, upon the characteristics of the computer system upon which the software is running.

If you have a lot of memory and an advanced operating system, F/x can come closer to taking advantage of its internal range of operation. For instance, although F/x can understand images with pixel resolutions of up to two billion per axis, Windows, as of 2001, can't provide enough memory to make using the software anywhere near that inherent limit practical.

So when you read the above specifications, keep in mind that these are the ranges that F/x knows how to handle, not ranges that we can promise that the combination of your computer system and F/x can handle!

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