§ 8 - Exiting the Emulator

§ 8.1 - Exit Gracefully

At the FLEX command prompt, type QUIT and press return; or select Exit from the File menu; or press the close button at the top right of the emulator window; or select Close from the System menu. Any of these actions result in a graceful exit, with the VDisks saved if they have been changed in any way.

§ 8.2 - Exit, Not So Gracefully

At the FLEX command prompt, type ABORT and press return; or select Abort from the File menu. Either of these actions will exit the emulator and discard any changes made during this session, or since the last use of the FLUSH command or menu selection.

§ 8.3 - Backup VDisks Without Exiting

Type FLUSH at the FLEX command line; or select Flush from the File menu. This will rewrite the VDisks back to the Host OS immediately, if the disks have been changed. This is a very good thing to do when you're about to test something you don't have complete faith in.

Note that this warmstarts FLEX, and because of this, you should not flush the disks when running any application program.

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