§ 25 - Glossary


Asynchronous Communications Interface Adaptor — this is a serial communications chip often used to implement RS-232 ports on vintage computers


The first significant PC


A PC by Commodore


The operating system of the Amiga computer


Application Programmer Interface - the part of an operating system that allows an application to use its resources


A software and hardware company


American Standard Code for Information Interchange


An early computyer language


A high level computer language that is extremely efficient; so much so that some people (incorrectly) characterize it as a low-level language.


A high level language derived from C; it has more features, but tends to produce very bloated executables


A software and hardware company


A computer operating system


Central Processing Unit, also referred to as the processor, or the microprocessor


A computer software company


Digital Differential Analyzer


Dual Inline Package


Direct Memory Access


Disk Operating System


A disk operating system by TSC


File Management System


An early computer language, notable for taking an RPN approach.

  Frank Hogg Laboratories

A computer software company


A computer hardware manufacturing company


A semiconductor manufacturing company


The computer that the FLEX emulation is running on


Input / Output


A semiconductor manufacturing company


Kilobytes - Generally 1024, or 2^10 bytes, but sometimes (sigh) 1,000 bytes


Light Emitting Diode


MegaBytes - 2^20 bytes, or 1,048,567 bytes


MegaHertz - A million operations per second


A computer manufacturing company


A computer hardware and software company. Most notably here, the vendor of Win95 and Win98


Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems — A computer manufacturing company, initially producing computers in kit form


A semiconductor manufacturing company


Milliseconds — one thousandth of a second


Operating System


Personal Computer


A microprocessor model from Intel


A software and hardware company


A low level monitor by Percom




Random Access Memory


Read Only Memory


Reverse Polish Notation


Real Time Clock


SAS Institute, previously Lifeboat Associates, vendors of the Lattice C compiler


A computer terminal manufacturing company


The main 50-pin card bus in a SWTPC or GIMIX computer


SouthWest Technical Products Corporation


Technical Systems Consultants.


Transistor-Transistor Logic — a technology for computer logic chips


User Command (in FLEX)


Microseconds — one millionth of a second


Virtual Disk - a file under the Host operating system that is treated as a disk drive by the ReFLEX emulator core


Virtual Front Panel


Versatile Interface Adaptor — a chip containing parallel ports, timers and so forth.


Windows 95 - A computer operating system by Microsoft


Windows 98 - A computer operating system by Microsoft


Windows XP - A computer operating system by Microsoft


A date rollover bug that occurs due to using two digits for the year. The assumption was that no one had to worry about the first two digits, which were assumed to be "19." Unfortunately, when the year 2000 rolled around, all that software thought it was 1900, because of that assumption. Oops. FLEX date storage suffers from this problem. So welcome to the 20th century. Again. :)

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