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4.181 - [spage] Built-In

Mnemonic aid: spage for reset Styles on PAGE (local) styles (as opposed to document, or global, styles.)

See also:  [page] 

 [spage]  unsets all  [local]  styles.  [global]  styles are unaffected.

See also:  [locs]  and  [style] 


[style italex <i>[b]</i>]
[locs italex Italy is lovely]
[locs italex Italy is lovely]

<i>Italy is lovely</i>
? Unknown Local Style Invocation "italex" ?
Italy is lovely ? Unknown Local Style Invocation "italex" ?

Other built-ins used here:  [b] ,  [global] ,  [i] ,  [local]  and  [v] 

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