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4.4 - [b] Built-In

Mnemonic aid: b for Bold

Mnemonic aid: b for Block content (see  [style] )


 [b]  has two uses. In this exact form, with no trailing space and no content,  [b] , it is used within  [style]  and  [gstyle]  to place the entire block of content fed to the style. To learn more about this, see the  [style]  built-in.

The second form, which is distinguished by having content, is the HTML bold built-in. That is what is described on this page.

The content is wrapped with HTML  <b>  </b>  tags, or, if HTML 4.01s mode, the appropriate span and style:

[b content]

[b my bold content]

<span style="font-weight: bold;">my bold content</span>
my bold content
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