2 - Setup

2.1 - Known Working Environment

If you set this up in an environment not listed here and it works, please let me know and I will add to this list. I need the OS type and version, and the Python version.

  • Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS, Python 2.7.3

2.2 - Installation: Required Files

  • In your CGI directory:
    • doc_system.py
    • aa_webpage.py
    • aa_formboiler.py
    • aa_sqlite.py
    • aa_tablelib.py
    • aa_macro.py
    • aa_datafile.py
    • doc_system.cfg
  • In a directory your webserver's user can write to:
    • editdb.py
    • docsystem.db (this will be created if you don't have it, assuming you get the write permissions properly set, but it will be empty, so there won't be a demo project... take a look at the project and global file examples I provide here and here.)

2.3 - Optional: Set up your own Preview and Test page

In the wtfm distribution, I have provided aamacropreview.html and fakeaamacro.py. Place the .html file in your server's HTML document directory, and the .py file in your server's CGI directory, along with aa_macro.py.

Tip: Your server has to be set up to execute Python (.py) files.

This will give you a preview page like this one where you can test aa_macro code snippets quickly and easily.

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