8.3 - Sample Global Styles

Here are the global styles I'm using in this manual:

[gstyle hi Well hello, [b], How are you today?]

[gstyle thisyear [slice 0:4,[date]]]

[gstyle wtfm [b [url tgt=_blank,http://ourtimelines.com/wtfm/tocpage.html|wtfm]]]

[gstyle block [table [row [cell [b]]]]]

[gstyle WTFM {cent <tt>This manual was generated with {wtfm}</tt>}]

[gstyle htmlpage [v doctype]<HTML[v htmlstuff]>
<HEAD[v headtaggage]>
<TITLE>[v title]</TITLE>
[v metataggage]
[v stylage]
[v scriptage]
<BODY[v bodystuff]>

[gstyle email [a mailto:[b],[b]]]
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