4.2.2 - The Project Form

Project Form
Project Name Every project requires a unique name. You start a new project by clicking on Open Empty, Unnamed Project in the project list; putting the name in this field; and then saving the form.
Project Target This is where, within the server's local filesystem, the generated files are to be written. This location must have write permission for the web server userid. In the above example image, that field is blank because I erased it, not being particularly interested in sharing what my server's filesystem looks like. You might have /websites/mysite/htdocs as the setting there, for instance. It all depends on where you keep your web site(s.)
Preview Path The path on the web that leads to these files
Default Extension This is the file extension that will be applied if the pages form does not over-ride it. Basically this keeps you from having to put a file extension on every filename.
Allow Delete Accidental deletion has caused more harm than just about anything else I can think of. Consequently, here, you have to jump through all these hoops — five of them — or DELETE will just ignore you. You have to check all four checkmarks, select the obvious bullet, and copy and paste the code into the box provided. Then you can press Delete and it will actually work.

You can thank me later.
Parent Project You can inherit settings from other projects. They, in turn, can inherit from yet others. A project will only be included once, even if you manage to create a loop where one project references another and that one references you back.
Project Styles This is where you set up global styles and variables:  [gstyle]  and  [global]  — these apply all across this specific project, and any project that includes this project as a parent.
Command Bar These commands do the obvious things; LOAD is worth mentioning because if you press it, you lose whatever changes you have made. Which is kind of the point. Think of it as a one-level "undo."
Link Bar Use these to open the various forms.

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