§ 7 - How It Works

§ 7.1 - Startup

§ 7.1.1 - Amiga Installation

Details for installation are in the Amiga emulator archive.

§ 7.1.2 - Win95 / Win98 Installation

  1. Create a directory called flex or something similar
  2. Inside the newly created directory, create a directory called fm_docs
  3. After extraction, copy all .html and .gif files to the fm_docs subdirectory
  4. Copy all remaining files into the flex directory (or whatever you called it)
  5. Use Win95/Win98 to add the program FLEX.EXE to the Start button or to a drawer, depending on how you prefer to use Win95/Win98. The FLEX emulator has its own distinctive icon; it also has a small "+++" icon which is visible in the title bar and when it is minimized. When Win95/Win98 starts the emulator, either from a shortcut or from the "real" icon, it passes the directory where the emulator is located to the emulator, and that is where it will look for the VDisk files and the startup.txt file. The emulator will look inside the fm_docs subdirectory in the starting directory for the manual.

§ 7.2 - Getting It Running

When the emulation starts, PSYMON and FLEX are loaded into emulator memory from the current directory and initialized. An external text startup file is used (startup.txt, from the same directory as the emulator and its other files) to supply an initial set of commands to FLEX in order to get things the rest of the way up and running. You'll see the following when the emulator starts:

+++LOGIN DISK0.DSK 0 (built-in command new to FLEX)
+++LOGIN DISK1.DSK 1 (built-in command new to FLEX)
+++DATE (command from DISK0)
<current date is printed>

These commands are coming from the startup.txt file which is a Host OS file. Do not change this file until you completely understand what is going on with the LOGIN commands. These are new to FLEX! See the next section for details.

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