§ 2 - Partial Feature List

  • Very stable and reliable
  • Includes useful set of FLEX commands and utilities
  • VDisk subsystem
    • Supports up to four VDisks, fully cached
    • VDisk sizes from 85 k to 16 MB supported
    • Complete set of Host-based VDisk maintenance utilities
    • Host-based startup script automates logging VDisks on
    • Abortable so system problems cannot harm VDisks
    • "Flush" FLEX command to write out virtual disks immediately
  • Printer support via FLEX "P" command via Host printer; LPT1: through LPT4:
  • FLEX system time, date (but Y2K!) set from Host clock on startup & optionally once/minute
  • Vintage color graphics subsystem from a real arcade machine, with games
  • 2 editors, BASIC, Forth
  • Assembler, disassembler, utilities, much more
  • Host environment is custom terminal look-alike — deja vu!
  • "Quit" and "Abort" FLEX commands for exit from keyboard to Host
  • 6809 RESET menu command to recover control if you have an "oops"
  • 6809 NMI event for debugging purposes — clean restart after NMI command
  • IRQ handling & regular source of IRQ interrupts
  • Well documented (assuming you know how to use FLEX, that is)
  • Memory efficient operation (but watch those disk sizes!)
  • Full-boat 63k RAM 6809 virtual machine
  • plus 2k virtual ROM
  • ACIA Serial port emulation @ $E004/$E005 & "mirror" @ $E008/$E009
  • Can also use serial port of Win95/Win98 PC as "remote" port ACIA for 6809 comms
  • RTC hardware emulation for access by 6809 software
  • Virtual "front panel" (computers have to have lights, don't they? Of course...)
  • Complete 6809 instruction set emulation (except CWAI & SYNC)
  • Emulates SOROC IQ-140 terminal (so screen editor can work)
  • Virtual DIP switches & LEDs for use in your own programs
  • Runs at about 3.4 MHz 6809 equivalent on a 133 MHz Micron Pentium
  • Traps on all illegal opcodes (they convert to SWI, $3F)
  • PSYMON monitor runs on "Mon" command or menu RESET command
  • PSYMON dumps registers on menu NMI command
  • PSYMON source code included on virtual disk
  • Completely isolated from Host, totally safe for experimenting
  • Single/Multi-step emulation & "hot" disassembly supported
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