§ 15 - Frequently Asked Questions

Is ReFLEX Free?
Yes. However, ReFLEX used to be a commercial product.
Where did the emulation core come from?
The core was written using SAS (previously Lattice) C, on the Amiga. I wrote it using original Motorola manuals for the 6809 which contained reasonably complete descriptions of the instruction set. The core was written in the spring of 1994. There is no assembler involved in the core source; it's pure C-code. No C++, either. The entire work is original. So yes, it could be made more efficient. The entire emulator was ported to Microsoft's C development environment with no changes at all in the core, though the entire "wrapper" (terminal emulation, etc.) had to be completely rebuilt from the ground up because the Win95 & AmigaDOS APIs bear almost no resemblance to one another.
Is the source code available, or will it be made available?
Not likely. I'm not inclined to release source code for most of the things I write. Unless you care to ply me with significant amounts of funds, in which case, certainly it can be made available to you, and how would you like that delivered, sir or madam?
Can the emulator be customized?
Yes. In fact, it was written with the idea that it should be easily modified to add any emulated hardware that was even remotely reasonable. I have used this capability to add a real-time clock, a serial port (via the Host's serial ports), etc., and can add more items, should I so desire. I would consider custom versions if there was sufficient financial motivation.
What about: FIRQ, SYNC, & CWAI?
There is no source for a FIRQ at this time, although the service is written and in place. You won't get that interrupt, ever, though you can certainly JSR [indirect] via the vector in the top of the ROM if you really want to. SYNC and CWAI could be done, but I don't see a need at this point.
Will there ever be a version for Windows 3.1(1) or DOS?
No. We won't get into the reasons; suffice it to say that this is absolutely final.
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