§ 4 - Components List

flex.exe The emulator itself Win,Am
flex.bin 6809 FLEX DOS, PSYMON low level machine code monitor Win,Am
mad.exe "Make A Disk" VDisk creator & formatter in Win95 shell Win,Am
fdir.exe Displays directories of FLEX VDisks in Win95 shell Win,Am
inject.exe Transfers files HostFLEX, in Win95 shell Win,Am
distill.exe Transfers files FLEXHost, in Win95 shell Win,Am
disk0.dsk System VDisk for FLEX Win,Am
disk1.dsk Work VDisk for FLEX Win,Am
startup.txt FLEX startup commands (NOTE: resides under Host OS!) Win,Am
readme.txt Very brief text file for getting started Win,Am
soroc.exe Terminal emulator for use with "real" FLEX systems Win
rdflex.exe Program to allow reading FLEX disks in 5.25" some PC drives Win
rdflex.txt Minimal docs for rdFLEX.exe (provided "as-is" only by author) Win
xfer.cmd FLEX utility. Can xfer files over serial link to PC via soroc.exe Win
xfer.txt Source code to xfer.cmd — place in real system and assemble Win
*.html Original documentation files (place in fm_docs subdirectory) Win
*.gif Image files (place in fm_docs subdirectory) Win
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