§ 21 - Appendix D - PSYMON Monitor Commands

Required = <item>
Optional = [item]

Warning: When you're using the monitor commands, you can severely impact the operation of the emulated computer, particularly if you read or write above the user RAM; be very careful!

Line items in grey are the original Psymon commands. Line items in green are extension commands I've added:

Command Syntax Description
B [ADDRESS]Return Set/List breakpoint(s)
C Coldstart FLEX
D <NUMLINES> <ADDRESS> Return Dump 16 bytes memory per line
F <NUMBYTES> <VALUE> <START> <END>Return Find <VALUE> byte(s) between <START> and <END>
G [ADDRESS] Return Begin execution (Go) at [ADDRESS] or at value in program counter if address is not supplied. See the R command.
H Help menu
L Load data from tape
M <ADDRESS> Return Memory examine and change
Space to step, Return to quit, $$Return to change
R [REGNAME]Return Examine and change 6809 registers
Regname options:
R Return dumps all the registers.
S <START> <END> Return Save data from <START> to <END> to tape
T <START> <END> Return Test system memory between <START> and <END>
U <ADDRESS>Return UN-set a breakpoint
W Warmstart FLEX
Z Return Jump to C000
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