§ 18 - Appendix A - Terminal I/O

The serial terminal output emulation simply uses a minimal emulation of a SOROC IQ-140 terminal. The SOROC emulation is provided specifically so that the STYLUS (also known as "STYLO", and named EDIT in the emulator) editor will work. Another change made to the emulator for STYLUS was the address "mirroring" of the ACIA to address $E004 & $E005, since STYLUS hits the ACIA directly in order to obtain max speed; although this is very bad coding practice, it was more or less understandable in the day this was written.

Here are the controls available in the terminal emulation:

Char Sequence Operation or Effect
$07 Bell
$08 Backspace
$0A Line Feed
$0B Cursor Up
$0C Cursor Right
$0D Carriage Return
$1E Home Up
$1F New Line
$1B,E Insert Line
$1B,R Delete Line
$1B,T Erase EOL
$1B,t Erase EOL
$1B,+ Home Up & Erase EOF
$1B,* Home Up & Erase EOF
$1B,Y Erase EOF
$1B,y Erase EOF
$1B,( Set Write MAGENTA ("low" intensity)
$1B,) Set Write GREEN ("high" intensity)
$1B,=,yy,xx Write Cursor Position ("xx" & "yy" are $20 + cursorvalue)
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