§ 22 - Glossary

  Aspect Ratio

This refers to the ratio of the length of one side of an image to another. When we talk about aspect ratio in photography, we often use it as a shorthand to refer to specific portrait sizes common in print applications. For instance, it is common to create prints in a 5" by 7" format, as photo frames intended for displaying photos on the wall or desktop are often made in this size. So when we say we're going to "crop to 5x7", what we mean is that the resulting cropped image will have the same shape as such an image — that is, the ratio of the length of the sides will be the same as that of a 5" by 7" portrait.


The filesystem is the organization your computer presents to you which indicates and manages where and how all of your files are stored. dTank (β)'s major interactions with your computer's filesystem is in these areas:
  1. Reading and writing its own database
  2. Loading (reading) plugins
  3. Reading master images
  4. Exporting (writing) images back into the filesystem when you tell it to.


A folder is a container within the library which can hold masters and versions. An empty folder looks like this: and a folder that contains masters and possible versions looks like this:


This is a window that provides a view of your masters and versions within a folder organization you design that is an abstraction above your filesystem organization. This allows you to arrange projects and tasks without regard for filesystem organization, which in turn allows you to control your image archiving separately from your project organization.


This is a library entity that represents an unmodified image somewhere in the filesystem that dTank (β) is aware of. These are indicated by this icon: or, if there are versions pendant to that master, by this icon:


This is a library entity that represents a set of modifications upon the parent master. These are indicated in the library by this icon:

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