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4.94 - [ne] Built-In

Mnemonic aid: ne for Not Equal to zero content

See also:  [eq] 

If value is not empty, the conditionalContent will be emitted. The style is only evaluated if value is not empty. sep defaults to the comma.

Note: Please see  [even]  to learn how styles work with this operation.

conditionalContent is generated either way; the only difference is whether it appears in the output stream or not.

To avoid generating any content, put the sep character and nothing else.

[ne (sep=X,)(style=styleName,)contentXconditionalContent]

1 [ne stuff,not empty][ne ,empty]
2 [ne sep=|,stuff|not empty][ne sep=|,|empty]
3 [ne ,empty][ne stuff,not empty]
4 [ne sep=|,|empty][ne sep=|,stuff|not empty]
5 [ne ,empty][ne stuff,]
6 [ne sep=|,empty|][ne sep=|,stuff|]

1 not empty
2 not empty
3 not empty
4 not empty
1 not empty 2 not empty 3 not empty 4 not empty 5 6

Other built-ins used here:  [eq] 

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