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4.89 - [even] Built-In

Mnemonic aid: even for EVEN number

See also:  [odd] 

If the number is even, the content will be emitted. The style is only evaluated if the number is even.


conditionalContent is generated either way; the only difference is whether it appears in the output stream or not.

To avoid generating any content, put a trailing space after the value and nothing else.

[even (style=styleName,)value conditionalContent]

[local foo x]
[local bar x]
[style hitfooy [local foo y]]
[style hitbary [local bar y]]
[v foo] [v bar]
[even style=hitfooy,2 two is even][odd style=hitbary,2 two is odd]
[v foo] [v bar]

x x
two is even
y x
x x two is even y x

Other built-ins used here:  [odd] 

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