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4.171 - [ghost] Built-In

Mnemonic aid: ghost for GHOST of a style

See also:  [glos] ,  [gstyle] ,  [listg] ,  [locs] ,  [s] ,  [spage]  and  [style] 

This outputs a style verbatim, without processing it. Invoked without the source option, it works like  [s styleName]  and  {styleName} , which is to say it will output a local style if one exists, otherwise it will output a global style if it exists. If neither style type exists, then it will output nothing.

With source=global, it will output the global style, ignoring any local version. If the global style does not exist, there will be no output.

With source=local, it will output the local style, or if the local style does not exist, there will be no output.

[ghost (source=global|local)styleName]

[gstyle boldenx You are too bold, sirrah!]
[style boldenx <b>[b]</b>]
[ghost boldenx]
[ghost source=global,boldenx]
[ghost source=local,boldenx]

You are too bold&#44; sirrah!
<b>[b]</b> You are too bold, sirrah! <b>[b]</b>

Other built-ins used here:  [gstyle]  and  [style] 

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