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This module provides two forms of indexes. The first form is a vertical listing of the indexed entries, in case-insensitive alpha order. This can be appropriate if your index is small.

To incorporate this module in your document, place this in the global styles:

 [include indexmod1.dsys] 

The second form is a vertical listing where a top bar provides a link to each letter used in the index; where each section has a header that includes a link to return to the top of the index page; where there is a break between letters. This is better for large indexes.

You emplace the index on your index page like this:  {index} 

This should be the next-to-last page in your document sequence (the table of contents is last.)

There are two flags you can set, fl_bysection and fl_redun:

 [global fl_bysection true]  (or false)
 [global fl_redun false]  (or true)

fl_bysection, when true, causes the index to generate in sections, by letter.

fl_redun, when true, causes index entries of the form "The stuff" to additionally be indexed as "stuff, The", and index entries of the form "A thing" to additionally be indexed as "thing, A". This is usually helpful to readers.

Emplace an index item:

 {ix term} 

Comma-reversed style:

 {orix N term} 

Both styles:

 {rix N term} 

Where N appears, it sets how many words are to go on the back end on the reversed index term. Examples:

 {ix one two three four five}  = "one two three four five"
 {orix 2 one two three four five}  = "three four five, one two"
 {orix 1 My peach tree}  = "peach tree, My"
 {rix 1 My peach tree}  = "peach tree, My" and "My peach tree"

Another useful thing to do is on the index page, in the Page Locals section, put:

 [local INDEX [i Index]] 

What that does is remove the link to the index page, which is not needed, as you're already on the page. It replaces it, only in this page, with an italicized, non-linked version of the word.

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