7 - Supplied Includes

7.1 - html401.dsys

This is a configuration file that sets up the skeleton HTML format included in the global styles (e/n #2) with the various things it needs to meet the HTML 4.01 standards. You can copy this, for instance to html32.dsys, and change the (hopefully obvious) parts that need changing, if HTML 3.2 is your thing. Or you can go for HTML 5. That's kind of the point, you see — you can really do anything with wtfm, any way you want to.

7.2 - npbar.dsys

To bring in these definitions, place this in your global styles before your page style definitions:

 [import npbar.sys] 

Then, to actually use it in your page style, use this:


This is what creates that purple bar at the top and bottom of this page. It contains linked elements that can be set by the various other include packages mentioned on this page; you can also explicitly hide those elements by simply clearing one global variable in the project globals, even after you've imported the packages. Here's how to do that:

[global CITES]     Clears the "Cites" link in topbar
[global EXTRA]     Clears the "EXTRA" section in topbar
[global INDEX]     Clears the "Index" link in topbar
[global ENDNOTES]  Clears the "Notes" link in topbar
[global FIGURES]   Clears the "Figures" link in topbar
[global GLOSSARY]  Clears the "Glossary" link in topbar
[global TOC]       Clears the "Table of Contents" link in topbar

All of those except for EXTRA are supplied in the modules described on this page. EXTRA is for you; you can store anything in EXTRA and it will appear on the right end of the links across the center of the bar. If you do it globally in the project styles, it will appear on every page. If you do it locally, it will only appear on the local page. You can do both — set it up globally, and override it locally only where you choose to. Or you can ignore it, and it will never appear. Example:

 [global EXTRA Hi!] 

Note: The link colors for all the modules in the bar are set by a global variable named linkcolor which is set in npbar.dsys so if you want a different link color, just set the color yourself after the import statement so it will override what the import did:

 [global linkcolor #FF00FF] 
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