13.1 - Emoji

Emoji are (perhaps unfortunately, but who am I to judge?) a standard "thing" now. So it behooves me to give them a once-over. Here we go...

You can download a zipfile of all the emoji, in individual .png files using the unicode character codes as the filenames, from here:


I have the 64x64 pixel version of the pizza emoji stored under its unicode character code as /wtfm/pics/emoji/1f355.png, likewise the spaghetti emoji.

So first I set up an image representation to get at emoji images in general, and to scale them to the current font size:

[gstyle emo <img style="width: 1em; height: 1em;" src="/wtfm/pics/emoji/[b]">]

Then I created a pizza style:

[gstyle :pizza: {emo 1f355.png}]

And a spaghetti style:

[gstyle :spaghetti: {emo 1f35d.png}]

So now, in text, if I want pizza or spaghetti, I just type  {:pizza:}  or  {:spaghetti:} and there it is:

<big><big><big>I think I'll have some {:pizza:} !!! Or... perhaps {:spaghetti:} would be better?</big></big></big>
I think I'll have some !!! Or... perhaps would be better?

Notice how the and emoji scale in size right along with the font? That's because of the 1em height and width specifications in the  <img>  tag. 1em is equal to the current font size.

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