- citesmod1.dsys

To incorporate this module in your document, place this in the global styles:

 [include citesmod1.dsys] 

To emplace the cites page, place it where it is to be generated somewhere after the last cite in the page sequence, typically near, but before, the index page, then put this in the content area:


There are two kinds of cites. The first simply numbers the cite on the page, and then places it on the cites page. You do one of those like this:

 {cite Looking Glass, Brandy, V1L1:<br> There's a port on a western bay} 

That looks like this(1)

The second is an author cite, for when you are directly quoting what someone said (or any other time you'd like to use it.) You do them like this:

 {acite Nixon|||Nixon, Richard, [usdate 19731117]:<br>;I am not a crook!} 

And that looks like this(2 Nixon)

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