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4.13 - [limg] Built-In

Mnemonic aid: limg for Local IMaGe

See also:  [lipath]  and  [wepath] 

This built-in provides standard HTML images with optional linking, using knowledge provided by  [lipath]  and  [wepath]  global settings (or temporary overrides provided by the wpath and lpath options) about where the image is stored on the local server and the website to determine image dimensions and set up the HTML  <img>  tag properly. It can set either or both of the ALT and TITLE image tags.

[limg (target=targetURL,)(alt=AltText,)(title=TitleText,)wpath=WebPath,)(lpath=LocalPath,)imageURL]

[lipath /full/server/path/to/images]
[wepath /pics/]

[limg warning.gif]
[limg alt=Warning,warning.gif]
[limg title=Warning,warning.gif]
[limg target=http://ourtimelines.com,warning.gif]
[limg target=http://ourtimelines.com,alt=Warning,warning.gif]

<img width="139" height="47" alt="" title="" src="/pics/warning.gif">
<img width="139" height="47" alt="Warning" title="" src="/pics/warning.gif">
<img width="139" height="47" alt="" title="Warning" src="/pics/warning.gif">
<a href="http://ourtimelines.com"><img width="139" height="47" alt="" title="" src="/pics/warning.gif"></a>
<a href="http://ourtimelines.com"><img width="139" height="47" alt="Warning" title="" src="/pics/warning.gif"></a>
Warning Warning

Other built-ins used here:  [lipath]  and  [wepath] 

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