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4.92 - [else] Built-In

Mnemonic aid: else for ELSE not match

See also:  [if] 

If there is no style, and value and match are not identical, the conditionalContent will be emitted. If there is a style, the style is only evaluated if value and match are not identical. In that case, the content is passed to the style, and the style is responsible for emitting it. sep= defaults to a space.


When there is no style, conditionalContent is generated either way; the only difference is whether it appears in the output stream or not.

To avoid generating any content, put a trailing sep character after match and nothing else, or use a style instead.

[else (style=styleName,)(sep=X,)valueXnotMatchXconditionalContent]

[if this this that][else this this theother]
[if this what that][else this what theother]

that theother

Other built-ins used here:  [if] 

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