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4.133 - [count] Built-In

Mnemonic aid: count for COUNT occurences in content

Returns the number of occurrences of pattern in content. overlaps=yes will return 2 for aa in aaa; otherwise aa in aaa returns 1. casesens=yes returns 1 for AA in AAa; otherwise returns 2 for AA in AAa. The two options may be combined. sep=X defaults to a comma:

[count (sep=X,)(overlaps=yes,)(casesens=yes,)patternXcontent]

[count Aa,AaAaaa]
[count overlaps=yes,Aa,AaAaaa]
[count casesens=yes,Aa,AaAaaa]
[count casesens=yes,overlaps=yes,Aa,AaAaaa]

3 5 2 2
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